360°-VR imaging

360 ° panoramas and interactive 360 ° tours in 2D and stereoscopic 3D

In our natural environment we are used not only to look straight, also to the left or right and when we turn around we also look backwards. A rotation around the axis shows the entire horizontal 360 ° environment and when we look down or up, the 180 ° vertical is added.
360 ° / 180 ° panoramas enable this complete circular view, as if you were the center point. Spaces and environments are presented very realistic and allow the viewer to discover almost every detail, the zoom function supports the additional. 360 ° panoramas bring the viewer into the room.
Combining 360 ° panoramas with navigation points, interactive 360 ° tours are created. Whether in 2D on a PC, MAC and tablet or in stereoscopic 3D on head mounted displays as well as smartphones with cardboard, 360 ° panoramas and tours impress with their enormous abundance of picture information, they convey deep impressions and become a special experience for many areas , Hospitality and industry, tourism and leisure, art and culture, trade fairs and events, architecture and real estate, and many other areas.


All 360 ° views can also be viewed in 2D, right-click in the opened panorama and choose “Enter Fullscreen”!

Within the panoramas further additional information can be integrated via additional buttons, texts, pictures, videos and audio files. 360 ° tours become even more interesting and informative, the visitors linger longer on your side and keep them much more lasting in the memory. Not least the game drive, when one can circle the mouse such a panorama like a carousel makes a visit to your website a special experience, which has the potential to talk about it!

All without App

Our 360 ° panoramas and tours are HTML5-supported applications, which can be accessed with normal Internet browsers on MAC, PC and tablet as well as on all smartphones, whether IOS, Android or Windows. A virtually barrier-free access for your visitors without downloading and installing additional software. The data can be integrated easily into any existing website.

Double benefit – 2D and stereoscopic 3D

360 ° panoramas can be also realized in combination of 2D and 3D. For smartphones the 3D mode is automatically activated for viewing with virtual reality glasses and cardboards; on the PC or MAC, with a right-click on the panorama a pop-up context menu will be shown, you can click on “Enter FullScreen” and enter the 2D mode.
Invite your guests for an informative tour. 360 ° panoramas are a magnet for the eye of the viewer, they perfectly represent your services, products and presentations and turn your website into an interactive experience with great appeal.


Another side effect:

360 ° panoramas can also be used for print media, such as brochures, catalogs, flyers and much more.

We would like to advise you and give you new impulses in the visual communication of your products and services.

start with us in a new dimension!