3D-conversion from 2D

The 3D conversion of two-dimensional images into a three-dimensional space experience is a special magnet for the eyes of the viewer and guarantees the highest attention. In particular the conversion of historical images has a high stimulus, but also images from existing advertising campaigns bring breathtaking results after the conversion, it shows impressive depth in and in front of the picture.
RealVision 3D converts almost any image into perfect 3D, provided the resolution is sufficiently large. A conversion is manual work by experienced professionals, with a sensitive view for the perfect spatiality. Programs and algorithms that automatically convert 2D to 3D do not exist. Each 3D conversion is individually matched to the desired playback medium. For virtual reality the parallax may be large, but small for the large-scale projection. We can output any 3D conversion with different parallax values, each suitable for the desired medium.
Also for 3D lenticular printing, existing 2D images will be converted, the process is the same for virtual reality and lenticular printing.

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