Lenticular technology

It starts with the motif selection. Ideally, there is a central or several motifs, which stand in the middle of the picture, as well as one or several backgrounds, which support the depth in the image. The lenticular technique unfolds its effect through the individual image components, which must be arranged in a PSD file in individual layers, one behind the other. When the objects are cutted out, the free parts in the background have to be “refilled” in order to avoid white flashes in the final image.

All image components will be converted into spatial 3D, a number of intermediate images will be calculated and the final data set will be rendered. This data set will be printed directly on the lenticular sheet (offset) or lenticular board (digital).


Flip-motifs change their pictures when you pass, which attracts great attention. Two or even several images are computed into an interlaced image and printed on the lenticular sheet in offset printing or on lenticular board for large displays in digital printing.

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