Lenticular digital printing

Digital printing is perfect for the production of large lenticular displays. On UV flat bed printers, lenticular bords of up to 2 m height and 1.2 m width are printed with the so-called interlaced image. The printing colors are cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, which instantly cure under ultraviolet light. The machinery set up fee for digital printing is significantly lower than for lenticular offset printing, but also for digital printing the board  must be exactly positioned without tolerances on the flatbed of the printer so that the individual lenses of the lenticular plate are aligned 100% to the print head of the flatbed printer.

For a 20LPI plate (LPI stands for lines per inch), the width of the single lens is only 1.27mm. Behind each lens, sections of up to 18 individual images are printed. Despite the larger dimensions compared to offset printing, high precision is the prerequisite for a perfect result.

The lenticular digital printing is suitable for one-piece quantities. If more than one plate is printed with the same motif, the machine setup costs are spread over the number of printed lenticular plates. Lenticular digital printing is also suitable for series production!

The optical effect of the 20LPI – lenticular plates is impressive in the case of observation distances of 1.5m – 4m. The large print is therefore ideally suited for the advertising to attract the attention. A trade fair design with lenticular printing guarantees high attention in the dense crowds of a trade fair. Displays for product descriptions as flip-motif or in 3D are more informative and attract attention.

An incredible depth in and in front of the display gives an astonishing spatiality and does not let go of the viewer anymore. The virtual reality allows an interaction with the virtual environment, people are moving back and forth against a lenticular pressure, which results in a much higher intensity of the immersion. Three-dimensional image contents are like an adhesive for the brain and remain extremely long in the memory of the beholder!

Usable for:

Citylightformat (119 x 175cm)
Flip motifs or 3D as customer stoppers
Lenticular displays backlit
POS sales display
Large area displays made of segments

By the way, our digital lenticular prints are UV-stable and weather-resistant!

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