Lenticular offset printing

In lenticular offset printing, lenticular sheets are printed on the back with the so-called interlaced image. The printing process is basically the same as the printing of paper, four plates are used for the colors cyan, magenta, yellow and black. For lenticular offset printing, the effort for the machinery setup is significantly higher because the image must be printed with the least tolerances behind the individual lenses of the lenticular film.

For a 100LPI foil (LPI stands for lines per inch), the single lens has a width of only 0.254mm. Behind each lens, sections of up to 20 individual images are printed. Highest precision is the prerequisite for a perfect result. Therefore it takes a very long time until the four ink-emitting printing plates are precisely aligned with each other and the lenticular sheet to the ink roller. Until the first lenticular sheet comes out of the machine in a suitable quality, a lot of time has elapsed and many films have already been printed.

Therefore, the lenticular offset printing is a little more expensive in the area of ​​small numbers since the machinery setup costs are divided by the printed sheets. Once the process of setting up has been completed, a serial production with large numbers of sheets is welcome. The more, the less expensive.

But even for smaller orders, we have a solution. Usually once a month, we print a collection sheet. The motifs of many customers are combined for lenticular offset printing so that an economic processing is possible.

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