lenticular printing in 3D

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as XXL-Display, a magnet for human eyes.

No electricity, no electronics and no glasses are needed, the Lenticular print unfolds its effect all by itself. 3D lenticular displays can be used anywhere, on trade fair booth, customer events, in railway stations and airports, in shop windows or in front of shops, also directly at the point of sale or in showrooms and museums. There are many ways to attract attention. The effect of glasses free 3D lenticular printing is a magnet for the human eye, because our optical perception reacts to the stimulus impulses of the spatial depth and movement.

Lenticular displays are already perceived from a greater distance and guarantee the highest attention!

An incredible depth in and in front of the display gives an astonishing spatiality and does not let go of the viewer. The virtual reality allows interaction with the virtual environment, people move back and forth against a 3D lenticular display, which results in a much higher intensity of immersion. Three-dimensional image contents are like an adhesive for the brain and remain extremely long in the memories of the poeple!

Hundreds of precisely positioned lenses on the surface of the lens raster film show two different images due to their different viewing angles. In this way, the spatial information of a stereoscopic image is displayed. The lenticular effect is produced in the prepress stage by splitting of stereoscopic image data for the individual lenses of the lenticular screen film. The image material is photographed with special camera systems, alternatively also an existing 2D image can be converted into 3D and processed to the 3D glasses free display.

Our lenticular prints are printed on a modern swissQprint flatbed printer. Our largest individual format is B 1200mm x L 2000mm, but we can also make large-format pictures from several segments.

3D-Lenticular-Cards genial 3D without glasses

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